Lead the Way Dog Training – Creating happy ever afters one tail at a time

Success Stories

The trainers at LTWDT literally saved my foster dog’s life. They worked with her for one month in my home and then took her for a 2 week board and train.

She’s now a completely new dog. I couldn’t be more proud of this doggo and thankful for these trainers!

Caitlin DiMarzio – November 11, 2018

I think Amy has super powers!!

Ellen – 2019

Amy and her staff were great with our rescue pocket pitbull, Roo, and us. Thanks to Lead The Way, Roo no longer needs anxiety meds and willingly goes into her crate, even for my kids. Roo is great with her manners & listening to commands. Thank you, Amy & team!

Colleen Moylan Contino – March 24, 2018

I adopted my dog Riley in May 2013. Riley is originally from Georgia. Initially, Riley was scared of everything!  She would hide behind me on walks, never greeted anyone, and buried every treat I gave her. She didn’t trust anyone including myself.

A month after I adopted Riley I came across a coupon for Lead the Way’s in home consultation and private lessons. Amy and her team came to my home at a time that was convenient for my schedule (often coming at 7 or 8pm).

They were very warm and welcoming and instantly starting giving me insights into Riley’s behavior and what I should do. I had no idea that her licking her lips and a paw up in the air where her early signs of being nervous/anxious. I also had never used a clicker before, but with Amy’s help I quickly learned and now cannot imagine training a dog without a clicker. Riley and I did our weekly homework and looked forward to Lead the Way training days. 

With Lead the Way’s help Riley became a dog I never imagined she would become. She is a completely different dog compared to when I adopted her just over a year ago. She is my best friend! Riley goes with me everywhere and loves to participate in agility training and weekly socialization classes with Lead the Way. I know for certain I would not have the relationship with Riley without Lead the Way’s guidance. I would have paid three times what I paid and would do it over again in a heartbeat. 

With Love,

Heather and Riley

November 2014   

Dear Amy and Cammy,  

I just wanted to send you a quick note about our “Petey”. 

We can’t believe he is finally out-growing the impulsive puppy stage to become a much calmer type A snuggler. 

Before his Good Citizen Canine Social Training Classes he was so out of control. We understood rescuing a dog from an animal shelter there would not be any records of past behavior but he was not exactly what we wanted for a household pet. 

With your continued professional guidance I learned how to listen to what he was asking us for whether it is attention, food, a time out, a calm voice or  good workout. He loves to go rest in his “condo”. 

You trained me well to understand his actions: which ones are impulsive, dangerous, which are friendly. Take that crazy smile of his – it lights up our hearts, but it gives off mixed signals to some of his pooch friends!  

My grandchildren have learned with practice and patience a dog can become a rewarding part of a very busy household. I love the command “wa…it” it works on the kids too!  

An additional bonus we have found in our relationship with Lead the Way, is the availability of your staff to step in, when we can’t get home from work for his afternoon walk you are just a phone call away. 

Did I mention a real testament to his behavioral changes is my next-door neighbor? She is very frightened of dogs (something about a bad experience when she was a kid). Yikes she would walk inside if she saw me training Petey “off leash.” Now she buys him doggie treats and looks forward to his visit. 

There is not a person who comes to the house who doesn’t comment on what a wonderful happy dog we have. 

We want to wish you good luck in your growing business and please feel free to use us as a reference. Enclosed find a donation to keep up the great services you provide!  

Love from,  

Marty, Mike and Petey Lombardo

Eric Krisher – September 24, 2017

Loved the trainers. Super helpful. 

Will be recommending them to everyone!

You guys are worth every penny!! I definitely feel the support.

Beverly – February 11, 2021