Lead the Way Dog Training – Creating happy ever afters one tail at a time

Abby and June: A Happy Tail

Six months ago, Laura Bader adopted two Boxers from PA Boxers of Lancaster. Laura owned Boxers for most of her life and was very familiar with the breed, but this was her first time rescuing dogs. Abby, a puppy mill rescue, was 1 ½ years old, and June was 3 years old when Laura brought … Read more

Putting a Premium on Pet Health with Life’s Abundance

It’s time your dog (or cat) started living abundantly! Choosing a pet food can be challenging, confusing and scary with the constant news of recalls. No Recalls Ever! Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food is made with select ingredients, including high-quality chicken and catfish meals, whole grains, nutritious vegetables and fruits, omega fatty acids and much … Read more

Making the Gentle Leader a Positive Experience for Your Dog & You!

The Gentle Leader is a fantastic tool for a dog that should be used with the Easy Walk Harness. The Gentle Leader Head Halter is ideal for strong pullers or aggressive dogs. It’s also super helpful when you need to walk multiple dogs and offers extra control for small or disabled dog handlers.  The Gentle … Read more

Oakley Shines in Oliver Twist

The Actors’ NET of Bucks County‘s production of Lionel Bart’s Oliver Twist started this week. Lead The Way’s protegee, Oakley, is really shining as Bullseye! Last week we posted a blog with full details on the musical and Oakley’s story here. Below are some pics from the first week of performances of Oliver Twist supplied … Read more

Oakley as Bullseye in Oliver Twist – A Rescue to Riches Tale

Some people may wonder if a rehabilitated rescue dog could become a loving member of the community. The answer is a resounding yes! Cue Oakley, a rescue from Easel Animal Rescue League [ http://www.easelnj.org/cms/index.php ]  who’s amazing story took her from being a fearful, aggressive and destructive dog to today where after training with Lead … Read more