Lead the Way Dog Training – Creating happy ever afters one tail at a time

Top Paw Program

Be involved in your dog’s training, and get a jump start, too? This program is the best of both worlds!

We’ll give your dog a one-week head start on training so when we start teaching you, your dog is already on their way to reliably and happily listening.

Whether you feel like you’ve tried everything to manage behaviors that just seem completely out of control… OR you just want to make sure your new dog starts off on the right paw from the beginning…

Imagine what it would feel like to have the best behaved dog in the neighborhood! Think about the pride you will have when people stop you and are amazed by your dog’s manners.

You’d love to have your dog listen more reliably out and about, too, and around distractions like when you have guests over or when you take your dog out to the park. You’d even do those things more often if you knew your dog would listen better!

During your dog’s visit (in your trainer’s home) they will also learn from other obedient dogs, which is amazing for their social skills and listening well around distractions!

The Top Paw Program includes:

  • 1 Week stay for your dog in your trainer’s home
  • 3 private lessons with you to teach you how to maintain your dog’s training
  • Teaching your dog skills like…
    • Sit
    • Touch
    • Watch me
    • Go to your room
    • Wait
    • Leave it
    • Take it
    • Staying with you on walks
    • Not pulling
    • Stay
    • Place (go to their bed)
    • Lay down

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