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Dog Training

Our training programs are not one-paw-fits-all!

Each program is packed with personal attention to meet your family and your dog where you are at today and accomplish your goals.

Our team of trainers is experienced with new puppies, adoptions, fosters, adult dogs moving home and all of the behaviors and challenges along the way. Our reward-based philosophy allows us to teach you how to understand why your dog is acting how they are and gives you all the tools needed to refocus and shift that behavior.

Some of the challenges we frequently address are:

  • Separation anxiety
  • Protective behavior
  • Unfriendly towards other people or animals
  • Marking/Accidents in the home
  • Unwilling to go on car rides
  • Trying to escape the crate or yard
  • Excessive barking
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Fear
  • Overcoming trauma

All of our training programs begin with a personal consultation. This allows our Senior Canine Behavior Specialists to fully understand your family, your dog, and your goals. During this consultation, you will truly see our approach to dog training in action and be able to ask all of your questions. This is where we’ll also recommend which program is best for your pack!

You can learn more about each of our core programs here:

We also offer special programs for puppies, dogs with issues (anxiety, aggression, extreme behaviors), and for dogs seeking titles or jobs like Canine Good Citizen and therapy dogs. To learn more about our programs or if you are ready to start, let’s connect.