Lead the Way Dog Training – Creating happy ever afters one tail at a time

Safe Dog

Does your safety in your home feel threatened because your dogs keep fighting? 

Has your dog bitten someone? Are you worried you might get sued? 

Wish you had a peaceful feel to your home?

This program will help you be aware of signals your pup is showing can stop a fight before it even starts. Creating the peaceful environment you desire so that you can enjoy the life you want with your fur baby. 

Understanding the what, when,where, how’s and why’s of your dog’s behaviors so that you regain the trust you desire at home and while keeping your family and dog’s safe and at ease. And even take them for safe enjoyable walks in your neighborhood. 

 This program includes:

  • 4 weeks stay at your trainers home 
  • Unlimited coaching sessions for 1 year
  • Unlimited virtual support from your Lead The Way Team
  • Safety Protocol Including: Muzzle training for at home and on walks, Crate and rotate, and Pack integration.
  • Teaching your dogs Basic skills for your home and neighborhood: Sit, touch, watch me, go to your room, wait, leave it, take it, stay, place (go to their bed), and lay down.

Have questions? Reach out to us to chat about your unique pack or learn more about all of our training programs here.