Lead the Way Dog Training – Creating happy ever afters one tail at a time

Brave Dog

Feeling scared and worried your pup is going to hurt someone? Don’t know what to do about them barking at each other?  Do you want to understand why dog fights are happening? 

Imagine what it would feel like to have the peace in your home you desire!  Think about how you will feel because you know how to keep your dog comfortable at home.   

We will teach you how to establish a safe home along with rules so that you can feel more confident in your home. Following this program you will  know  how to keep dogs safe at home. Guidance and Safety at home is the program’s main goal!!

During your dog’s visit (in your trainer’s home) they will even have a chance to learn from other obedient dogs, which is amazing for their social skills and listening well around distractions!

This program includes:

  • 2-week board and train at your trainers home
  • Coaching sessions with you to teach you how to maintain your dog’s training for 6 month
  • Safety Protocol Including: Muzzle training for at home and on walks, Crate and rotate, and Pack integration. (for multi-dog households)
  • Teaching your dog skills like: Sit, touch, watch me, go to your room, wait, leave it, take it, staying with you on walks and not pulling, stay, place (go to their bed), and lay down.

Looking for more? Check out our Safe Dog program or reach out to us to discuss your unique pack.