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Special Programs: Aggression

Are you struggling with fear of strangers, are worried about fighting or biting, or have a dog that has escaped or gone after another dog or human?

Take a deep breath and know that we understand and are here to help. We’ve created several specialized programs, based on our approach to benevolent leadership, focused on resolving the triggers of aggression and putting protocols in place to keep you and your family dog safe.

Does your dog bark and growl in an uncomfortable way? Are you worried your pup might bite someone? Our Social Dog Program can help!
Are you scared your dog is going to hurt someone? Do your dogs bark at each other?  Do you want to understand why dog fights are happening? Learn more about our Brave Dog Program.
Does your safety in your own home feel threatened because your dogs keep fighting? 
Has your dog bitten someone? Are you worried you might get sued? Our Safe Dog Program can help create peace in your home.

The best way to understand our approach and how we can help keep your dog and family safe is to reach out and have a conversation with us.