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Abby and June: a Happy Tail
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Making the Gentle Leader a Positive Experience for Your Dog & You!
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Abby and June: a Happy Tail

Six months ago, Laura Bader adopted two Boxers fromPA Boxers of Lancaster. Laura owned Boxers for most of her life and was very familiar with the breed, but this was her first time rescuing dogs. Abby, a puppy mill rescue, was 1 ½ years old and June was 3 years old when Laura brought them home.

Like most dogs, Abby and June love going on walks, however because of the exuberance common in the Boxer breed, they were challenging.  The strength behind their pulling left Laura struggling to manage them and ultimately frustrated.

Making the Gentle Leader a Positive Experience for Your Dog & You!

Kane the Pit Bull wearing the Gentle Leader Head Harness
The Gentle Leaderis a fantastic tool for a dog that should be used with theEasy Walk Harness.
The Gentle Leader Head Halter is ideal for strong pullers or aggressive dogs. It's also super helpful when you need to walk multiple dogs and offers extra control for small or disabled dog handlers. 
The Gentle Leader allows your dog freedom to eat, drink and bark. The Gentle Leader is not a muzzle and won't prevent biting or barking.
The quickest way to successful pleasant walks with your dog is to get him comfortable with his head harness through