Lead the Way Dog Training – Creating happy ever afters one tail at a time

In the Community

K-9 Connection is a 501(c)(3) subset of Lead the Way Dog Training with two major branches: Responsible Rehoming and K-9 Heroes.

Our Responsible Rehoming initiative strives to match great dogs with their ideal families. We have a small foster program. All of our rescue dogs receive the training and care they need to be successful after adoption, and our adoptive families know they can turn to us for support during and following their included training appointments. This has resulted in a lower return rate, a lower euthanasia rate, and many happy families!

Our K-9 Heroes program is our service dog program. We recognize that there are many people with disabilities in need of a service dog’s assistance and that the more traditional routes of owner-training or program-training can be prohibitive for many reasons. Our assisted owner-training program allows the service dog training process to be personalized to the individual, ensuring a great bond between the service dog and his/her handler. We also teach the handler a variety of life skills through the lens of dog training, resulting in an independent pair ready to take on the world.

Both programs are closely intertwined with the daily responsibilities of Lead the Way and are staffed by Lead the Way trainers, but the focus of K-9 Connection is building bonds, forming families, and perfecting packs – encouraging interspecies understanding through mutually beneficial partnerships.