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Lead The Way's 

Responsible Rehoming Initiative 

Lead The Way's collaboration with local canine rescues is built on our shared non-stop commitment to the animals in our care. I can guarantee through our program you'll find a beautiful pet that needs you just as much as you need them.

Our mission is to help the current social challenges with unwanted pets.  Each year, approximately 8 million stray and unwanted animals are taken in by shelters across the country. Tragically, about 3.7 million -- nearly half -- of these animals must be euthanized because good homes cannot be found for them. A common justification – behavioral issues. For dogs, these challenges can be overcome with proper training and guidance to shelter handlers and future owners. They have the ability to become wonderful companions when placed in the care of a benevolent leader.

We do this two ways. First, by educating our clients with rescued companions to discover the compelling signals our canines use to communicate and how to become compassionate leaders for them. Second by educating rescue, shelter and other nonprofit organizations’ volunteers with our leadership style, giving them the tools to train a dog once thought of as a hopeless case, a chance for hope to find a loving home.

To us It's not just about saving lives, it's about enriching lives for the whole family!!! 

Lead The Way responsible rehoming in action at the Ewing Animal Shelter 
April 2013 -December 2017

Trained dogs get - and stay - in homes! 

Through this amazing collaboration every Saturday, LTW led socialization and volunteer training class supporting the mission of finding forever homes for the dogs in EASEL's care. Our trainers taught the dogs manners, got to know them individually, and educated the volunteers with proper handling and basic training skills. The trained volunteers were then able to keep working with even the toughest cases until they were ready to be adopted. Upon adoption, in our program, the new families were invited to follow up in our community training classes through a voucher program with EASEL! 
Many of the program's features are still practiced at EASEL today!

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Watch our video showing off the EASEL 
Responsible Rehoming Collaboration:

Looking for a new family member?  Check with our team to find the local rescues and shelters who have amazing and adoptable dogs!!  If your really lucky one of our trainers may have a trained foster ready for their forever family!!